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Butchulla Native Title Aboriginal Corporation

Butchulla Native Title Aboriginal Corporation was established in October 2019 to hold and manage the native title rights and interests of the Butchulla People following their successful native title determination in the Butchulla People Land & Sea Claim #2.

Our vision is to create greater opportunities for Indigenous people to realise their full potential and contribute to culturally vibrant and sustainable communities throughout the Wide Bay region.

We never lose sight of our traditional culture.

The recognition of traditional Aboriginal country and culture are the foundations on which our services are built and delivered.

Butchulla First Nations People

Invest in Butchulla People, Culture and Country
(land, sea and sky)

Butchulla Country (land, sea and sky) exists within the Great Sandy region, nestled along the picturesque south-east coast of Queensland, Australia. The Butchulla people proudly stand as the enduring traditional custodians of ‘K’gari,’ (Fraser Island) a name that means ‘paradise’.

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Become a BNTAC Member

How to become a Member of the Butchulla Native Title Aboriginal Corporation (BNTAC)

To become a member of the Butchulla Native Title Aboriginal Corporation (BNTAC), you must meet the membership criteria and apply for membership. To apply for membership, download the membership form and return it completed using one of the methods below or use the digital form on this website.

The BNTAC Directors will review your application and if approved based on the eligibility criteria, your information will be entered on the Register of Members.

Traditional Custodians (Owners) of K’gari (Fraser Island) and the Fraser Coast

Butchulla Culture and People

Members of the Applicant who brought the native title claim on behalf of the Butchulla People are: Gemma Cronin, Roderick Tobane, Belinda Barrowcliffe, Bronwyn De Satge, Sandra Page, Lurline Lillian Burke, Shirley Blake, Brett Nutley and Cepha Maria Roma. They are all members of the Butchulla People
We are the biological descendants of 15 named ancestors:

  • Father / Mother of Gracie and Maudie Daramboi;v
  • Mother of Jessie Aldridge’s mother and Lappy;
  • Mother of Charles Richards;

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The Butchulla Native Title Aboriginal Corporation (BNTAC) Board stands as a beacon of leadership, guiding the community towards a brighter and more prosperous future.

Comprised of dedicated individuals, the Board uses its collective experience and living expertise to carefully guide the execution of BNTAC’s Strategic Plan and Business Plan. They work in collaboration with internal stakeholders, such as BNTAC Staff and Members creating a cohesive environment where all voices are heard and valued. Through strategic partnerships with external entities, agencies and organisations, the Board enables alliances that aim to create opportunities that produce positive outcomes for both current and future generations.

Their commitment to nurturing these partnerships reflects a vision that extends beyond the present, seeking to build an ongoing legacy of prosperity, cultural preservation, and social advancement on Country (land, sea and sky) for the Butchulla community and beyond.